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Meet the Cedro Team

Cedro Education Group became such a strong force in examination preparation and training by creating a unique learning environment for their students. Cedro has selected highly qualified staff to give their students the best learning experience. Cedro has confident advisors who can assist students with their academic needs before, during and after their experience with Cedro.

Cedro Team: Courses

Tyler Michael

Lead Instructor and Academic Advisor

Tyler is a charismatic and engaging instructor at Cedro. He has a Honours Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. While studying his undergraduate degree, he discovered his tremendous passion for teaching adolescents and adults. He pursued a Master of Science in Education from Medaille College in New York, U.S.A. While teaching in the public school system in Vancouver for several years, he was motivated to improve the delivery of online courses. He enrolled at the University of British Columbia and completed a Master of Educational Technology degree. Tyler continues to teach both face to face and online classes to various academic levels. In his leisure time, he produces professional content writing for various corporate firms throughout Canada.


Caroline Michelin

Student Admissions and Recruitment Advisor

Caroline is a compassionate and innovative member of the Cedro team. Her captivating personality provides a warm welcome to students and giving them the encouragement and confidence to succeed. Caroline has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública in Salvador, Brazil. Students at Cedro gravitate to her warm personality. Caroline also has a Postgraduate Speciality in Psychological Assessment and Positive Psychology. She plays a pivotal role in coordinating student enrolment and assisting them through their coursework challenges. Caroline is a strong business administrator who speaks English and Portuguese, making her a valuable team member of the Cedro team.

Daniela Headshot.png

Daniela Becerril

Digital Marketing Director and Recruitment Agent

Daniela has been a high achiever throughout every moment in her career. Her monumental success first came to light as a Project Manager in Film Production. After Daniela spearheaded many operational improvements that elevated profit margins to record levels, she pursued a career in Digital Marketing and Sales Management for major firms in Mexico City. While not uncommon for Daniela to go off the beaten track, her approach to coordinate digital marketing campaigns and execute strategies that optimize the end-to-end experience for customers does not go unnoticed. Despite being audacious and hard-working behind the scenes, Daniela’s delicate and warm demeanor, attract a diversity of students towards our school community. Daniela holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication, from the University of Communication in Mexico. Elevating her path forward, she’s obtained a Master of Administration Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver, Canada.

Woman with Laptop

Jada Robinson

Financial Controller and Academic Advisor

Jada is a admirable and resourceful member of the Cedro team. Not only does she direct the operations at Cedro, but she serves as a dedicated and compassionate advisor for students. Jada has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from the Syracuse University in New York, U.S.A. and a Master of Business Administration from San Diego State University. To give back to her community, Jada works as a volunteer for several non-profits throughout the Greater Vancouver Area.

Professional Man Holding a Tablet

Allan Miller

Instructor and Academic Advisor

Allan is a creative and passionate teacher. He has been teaching English for many years to students of various levels. He graduated from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Allan designs and teaches courses for international ESL students in Vancouver, Canada. His wealth of experience in teaching ESL students is a tremendous benefit to Cedro students in preparing for their English exams.

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